Thursday, October 27, 2011

We've Had Visitors

We love having visitors.

This was the best street performance I've seen.
Adam so bravely volunteered for this street performer
(you never know what you are going to get with these guys).
He was a yo-yo man.
He lit a match with a yo-yo and knocked a quarter off Adam's ear.
He was the 2008 yo-yo champion.

So come visit us.
Use us and abuse us, but just come.

Seriously, our house is your house.
Our food is your food...

...just come get some of this cuteness...
and see Boston.


Poor little blog.
I've neglected you.
So here is a quick update to get you up to speed.

It is amazing to watch your first child.
They do everything first.
I am amazed at how capable Daniel is.
It is so fun to see him reading.
He loves math.
If he could, he would spend his day riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, and building with legos.

I seriously can't get enough of this guy.
He stwill twalks wike dis.
He is such a little tender heart.
He wants to do everything Daniel does...including reading.
He loves to build with legos.
We are going to try him on his two wheeler this weekend.
If he could choose how to spend his day, he would sip juice on the couch cuddled up with his blankie and the whole family around...minus Anna. Actually, on second thought, the two have been getting along well lately. They wrestle until someone starts crying.

I seriously don't know what genetic match-up made this girl.
She never stops moving...never...she even moves in her sleep.
She knows how to hold her breathe and swim underwater.
Right now, she has a black eye...I'm amazed that is all she has right now.
She thinks, no, she knows she can do everything James and Daniel do.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Announcing: Hahn 2012

It is official, we are announcing Christian's bid for the White House in 2012. We thought we would let our loyal blog followers find out first before announcing it nationally. Here is the ad that is going to take him to the finish line. We paid $20 for it. Was that a good deal?

Prior to launching his campaign, Christian built up a loyal political following. He has received votes for President of the United States during the 2004 and 2008 election...and he wasn't even eligible...but now he is. So let your ballot do the talking...

Hahn 2012

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Take Your Child To Work

I wasn't there, but I know "Take Your Child to Work" 2011 was a success because...
both the boys cried on the way home...

...and now Daniel knows how to program (simple stuff).

Thank you National Instruments

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fun

This is my friend Jackie.
Jackie may not look it, but she is a MAD Scientist
(like she is working on her 2nd post-doc mad scientist).
But lucky for me, she is my friend.
She comes over every Friday to do experiments with my kids.

Here is a little sampling or her handy work...

...mentos + soda = explosions, running, and girlish screams.

There sure was a lot of sampling going on during that experiment.
Do you blame them though?
Remember, the ingredients are mentos and soda!

Elmers glue + borax + water = slime

Walking on eggs.
I couldn't believe this one.

And finally the infamous volcano!

Thank you Jackie.
Thank you a million times over for making life so magical for my kids.
We love Fridays.

Little House on the Prairie

We've been doing some more landscaping in our backyard.
That means, we've been cutting down trees.
The kids took the more manageable sized pieces and built themselves a cabin.

I love their imagination.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Change of Pace

Twice a year we put all the yard/house projects on hold and sit around watching General Conference for eight hours.

We love it.
The weekend is fraught with anticipation.
Maybe the goody basket we put out the week before has something to do with the anticipation.

We clean the house from top to bottom.
When I say clean, I'm talking my windows sparkle and you could lick the floor under my appliances.

This year I hosted a dinner before the Relief Society broadcast.
The food was delicious, but the company was better.

The evening was perfect....

...until Anna found the ink pad.

We love General Conference weekend.
For me, conference is almost like a little shoulder massage and then a pat on the behind to get out and work.
So, I'm off to work.