Monday, February 18, 2013

Super Anna

Ski Snobs

 This weekend we skied East Coast style.

Cheap East Coast style.

 Like $10 a ticket cheap.

 If you order a burger at the snack shack,
you can watch it as it is grilled.

 Then you take your lunch over to the picnic tables,

 where you enjoy a nice winter wonderland lunch.

 If you get cold, you can head on over to the ski lodge,
and stand by 'ol bessie to warm up.

This isn't Park City,
but fun nonetheless.

Sticky Tape Portraits

 This was the activity for FHE tonight.


 My heart has been stolen five times.

 Right now, four of the five thieves are sleeping.
I just kissed them all.
They are like little angels. 

I love being a mom.
I love this era of my life.

I am whooped over them.
I am in love with life.
My heart belongs to all the Hahns.

CSI Woburn

On the morning of February 14th,
my kitchen became a crime scene.
 Jackie turned all my kids into detectives.
She sent them to detective bootcamp where they learned:
fingerprint dusting
substance identification
bite mark identification
and footprint to height ratios.

Then the detectives went on scene.
What did they find?
Dan the Man...GUILTY!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Storm's a Brewin

We are all cozyed up.

The Storm Brew

 There has been a lot of...
snow cave building,
snow ball throwing,
snow cone eating,
 snow sledding,
and snow shoveling
going on around here.

I love a good snow fall.
It is a winter wonderland out there.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Months

 This little one doesn't get much face time on the blog.
But he is just the cutest thing.
And with two little teefers coming in,
you can't help but squeeze him.
Every house should have a 5 month old.

Sci Fri

 Today for Sci Fri, 
we were investigators.
Now I know how to dust the cookie jar for fingerprints.

Ice Ice Baby

I found a new town gem.
Three ice skating rinks in the field behind the library.
The best part about them, they are free.
As soon as I found out about the free rinks, I headed to "Play It Again Sports",
and invested in skates for everyone.

We headed over to the rinks for our first try.
While I was helping Daniel with his skates,
James busts a move and starts singing a little Vanilla Ice.
That boy has some moves.

 After skating, we headed to Dad's work to have lunch.
What a special treat, complete with Hot Cocoa.

That evening we went rock climbing.
Once the kids were jammied and tucked in bed,
James said
"That was the best day ever!"
"It was totally wicked!"

Thank you Massachusetts for teaching our kids "wicked".
But we'll forgive you, because where else can we swim, camp, and beach in the summer and skate, sled, and ski in the winter?
We love you Massachusetts.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Team Hahn

Today we learned about the first Olympics.
The Olympics started 776 BC.
What?  Seriously?  I couldn't believe that when I read it...776 BC!
And they have been happening every 4 years since.

At first, the athletes just ran races, but pretty soon they added...

 ...javelin, long jump, wrestling, discus, and boxing.
Today we competed in all those events...
...except for the boxing.
That doesn't have to be an organized sport in our house.

 The athletes were crowned with olive tree leaf wreaths.
They even learned to write their names using the Greek alphabet.

And then they celebrated by eating Ekmek.

A Toast to Health

There has been a miracle in our family.  My sister-in-law has been healed of cancer.  You can read about her story here.  She did not use any conventional methods for treating cancer.  She changed her diet and was cured.  No way could I sum up her diet, but you can read all about it on her blog.  I wanted to write down some of my thoughts on the matter.

Our church has a bill of health called "The Word of Wisdom".  Most people know this bill for what it forbids (coffee, tea, alcohol, drugs, etc.).  The health rendered by not partaking of the forbidden substances is obvious and well known.  There is another section of the Word of Wisdom, in fact most of it, that is dedicated to what we should eat to take care of our bodies.  I have learned so much about this part of the Word of Wisdom by watching my sister-in-law go through this healing process.  We already ate pretty healthy, but since October, there has been a lot more veggies and fruits on the table and a lot less refined/processed foods.

I am so grateful for a bounteous earth that produces fruits, vegetables, seeds, and herbs for our benefit and health.  It is so great to be alive.  I love life.

Cheers to life!