Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Yesterday I overheard James tell Daniel
"It's a good thing we have so many girlfriends,
so we can have a lot of targets."

I think Daniel needs a couple more guns on him.
I'm pretty sure he has some concealed.

Clam Digging

 The weather,
treasure hunt,

 and company
was perfect.

Preparing and eating the little steamers aftewards,


For Thanksgiving,
we took the furniture out of our living room,
and set up a dining hall fit for a king.

And then we, and 26 friends and family feasted...
...on food and friendship.
(check out that alliteration).

Catching Up

When I decided to blog again, I thought I would just start fresh from January 2015.
But I would hate to ever forget some of the experiences we have had since I stopped blogging.
So, this post is for my 87 year-old-self,
Life has been delightful and joyous,
and I will try and catch you up in the few pictures I have.

 Two peas in a pod, enjoying a stern-side conversation in the fall sunset.

 Swiss Family Robinson
(really it is our ward campout, but it feels like one big happy family)
The next obstacle the big boys built was a zipline into the water....
....that sort of didn't work :)
But playing king-of-the-dock on the lake was fun enough.

 I LOVE visitors,
and these were our favorite.
More on their visit later...
....sooner than later, I promise.

 On a crisp November morning,
my kids put on almost every article of clothing in their closet
while awaiting the F-15's flyover.
I just put on a coat.
It seemed easier.

 Christian took Daniel deer hunting.
Neither had been before.
Daniel was so excited, he came into our room at 3am wondering if it was time to go.
He didn't wake up that early on Christmas morning.
Priorities I guess.
The weather was cold and rainy.
They didn't see any deer.
So really, they went for a cold, rainy, hike in the woods wearing orange.
But that is what memories are made of.

 And here is the clan, at symphony hall.
Good Music + Good Company = One Happy Mama

Can I please just bottle up all their giggles and squills of delight?
Sometimes it is the small moments that help you remember what is really important in life.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Family Photos

 I'm being honest.
All those smiles are FAKE!

 Thankfully, my very talented friend worked her magic (candy bribes),
and we got a couple decent photos out of the 1200 she took.

Clockwise starting in the top left.
Lecture #1
Running Away
Lecture #2
Lecture #3
We were only there an hour!

Lecture #4

 And then Christian snapped...but just for one photo.

 But I just love those kids and that husband.

 And these pictures make me smile.

And I'll be posting more :)
Thank you Ellen.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to School 2014

This year I chose D&C 27:15 for our motto.
" Lift up you hearts and rejoice, and gird up your loins, and put upon you my whole armor."

I'm excited.
I love learning.

Wizard of Oz