Monday, August 24, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

Horton Hears a Who

 The Kangaroo and her youngin'



 The Who's

 Vlad Vladicoff

 The Wickersham Gang

The End

I Think the World is Glorious


On the Banks as the Clouds Go By

 The plan was to go kayaking and fishing for two hours.

 But then everyone wanted to swim.
And they did.
A lot.
Until a passer-by told us he got meningitis from swimming in water like this.
I'm sure my kids had only swallowed half the lake at this point.

 So we fished cast.
(Let's be honest, they weren't really going to catch a fish after swimming,
and I don't quite trust them with hooks on the ends of those poles yet).

 And then Anna took Cabub out on the kayak.
Later Daniel rescued them.

Our two hour adventure doubled in time and enjoyment.
The day was lovely.

Best Buds

Oh summer!
The long, lingering days with endless possibilities spent
conquering trees,
hunting for insects,
exploring the world's nooks and crannies,
and eating s'mores with your best friend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Family Dance Party

 I wish I had more pictures of this.
There was a little
line dancing,
break dancing,
goofy dancing,

and a lot of...


And you should have seen the patio once the sun went down.
But we were too busy gettin' down with it to take pictures.

I just found out about 

Tango by Moonlight

On the next full moon you will find Christian and I on the Weeks Bridge over the Charles River learning to tango.

How romantic is that?!?!?!?!

The Little Things

While Dad was away,

 We swam,

 went to the beach,

 cooled off in the rain,

 had slumber parties every night,

and ate ridiculously huge, sugary donuts
(I know I shouldn't let my kids eat them).

But we have to do extra fun things while dad is away,
because we really miss him.
A lot!
And I'm not even kidding!

Good 'ol Work

These days,
 dinner is from the garden we planted, 

on the table Christian built,
on the patio we made,
behind our home.