Sunday, June 8, 2008

Two Weeks and Counting

I have to apologize to all my loyal readers out there...if I have any loyal readers. I have not been doing a good job at updating my blog lately. I have been meaning to update it more than once a week. Alas, my only excuse is life and the curve balls it throws and how dealing with them consumes a lot of your time.

One of my pet peeves is when people start complaining about how busy they are. When they do, I think to myself "Isn't everyone busy? Buck up!". I have no sympathy for them.

So, in saying all this, I don't want you to have sympathy for me. I don't mean to complain about how busy life has been. You probably won't even think I've been busy when I tell you about the day my friends and I went to the beach with our kids. This whole introduction to this blog entry is a round about way of telling you to not check my blog more than once a week because I don't plan on updating it more than that for the next little while and I don't want you to waist precious time from your own busy life checking it!

Like I mentioned before, some friends and I went to the beach Friday morning on a whim. I couldn't believe all the stuff we had to take with us! It is amazing how much fore thought you have to put in to planning a day trip to the beach with 6 kids all under the age of 3! All three of our cars were full of coolers, umbrellas, beach toys, and sunscreen. While I was packing my car I thought it was not going to be worth it, but it was. We had such an enjoyable day.

All our stuff

Despite our best efforts to get the boys to look at the camera, we could not win out over the trucks, sand, and water!

Ah, this is the life!

In other Hahn news, I have been dealing with a very itchy case of poison ivy. I've never had it before and wouldn't wish it on anyone. It is healing, but not fast enough!

When we sat down at the table the other night for dinner, we found this....

Someone, who will remain anonymous, had nibbled a little on every cob!

Our swimming lessons are going well. Daniel is getting confident in the water. I did have to jump in and rescue him after he ventured out into the middle of the pool the other day. I was amazed at how quickly he got into trouble. He did do what I've been teaching though (jumped up and down off the bottom of the pool for air), but it was scary for all of us. I'm proud of him for jumping and even more motivated now to get him totally swimming as soon as possible.

James is as cute as ever. He now weighs 14.2 lbs and can hold his head up really well.

After some very stressful weeks in dealing with our house woes (in Richmond and Boston), we are hoping things will settle down. The topper was when our realtor could not find the confirmed delivered envelope with important paperwork in it as well as a huge check. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Been A While

Getting ready to move to Boston seems to be monopolizing our time...and taking care of two young boys...and getting all the basics done in life. So, here is just a quick update on our lives as we close out these last couple of weeks in Richmond and start a new chapter of life in Boston.

First of all, our precious little house in Boston is awaiting our arrival along with thousands of termites who have invited and welcomed themselves into our home and caused $7000 worth of damage. Thank you termites! We are not so glad you made yourselves at home. Luckily, the previous owner has been very honest and fair and is forking out the money for this. I'm so grateful for honest people!

Christian and Daniel went on their first Father and Son ward campout. Daniel was too excited to sleep. Going in and out of the tent and hiking with Dad and the lantern was too much fun.

While Daniel and Christian were camping, James and I went and played kick ball with the other moms and girls. After the game, some girlfriends and I went out for ice cream. I felt like I was in college again...going out late with my girlfriends. I guess carrying a baby carrier around with me the whole time didn't really remind me of college.

James is getting so fun. He is socially smiling and talking now. What a pleasant little guy and wonderful addition to our family. Christian blessed him on Sunday and it was a beautiful experience.

Finally, now that summer has arrived, I am teaching swim lessons for Daniel and three of his little friends. The whole situation is working out so well. Instead of payment, the other moms are watching James while I'm in the pool and one other mom (who happens to be a photographer) is going to take some family pictures for us. I feel like I'm getting a bargain.

The swimming is going well and all the little boys are having fun and getting more comfortable in the water. We did have a slower start last week when during one lesson I made all but one of the boys cry because I dunked them. But now, most of them will go under the water willingly. My goal is to have them swimming short distances and floating on their back alone by the time we leave.