Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This is actually the best toy.
They all have to work together.
No one can shoot another person.
I might think differently when the water balloons are gone and they start using rocks.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

All That and a Van of Chix

 A week ago, I, along with 22 friends, ran Ragnar Cape Cod.
I wish it had been longer than 192 miles!

 That picture is legit...can you imagine running by that?!?!?

 And then running over this awesome bridge?!?!?!

We spelled Chix.
We saw chicks.

We are Chix (such confidence)!

 We slept and pottied like this.

We found out what a white minivan can really do
(charge 6 cell phones and run a disco ball at the same time, peel out, DJ a dance party,  and hold way more than the recommended 150lbs on the roof rack)!

 So we ran, and cheered, and laughed, and ate, and ran some more, and took a very refreshing dip in the ocean, and one of us got goosed by a dog, and got lost 987457645 times, and we ran more,...

 ...and then we celebrated!

I love all my Chix!