Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Cat in the Hat

 Sally and I
Just wanted to cry.
We'd sat on the couch all the cold and sick day.
Mom could not think of anything else for us to play.
So she turned to Dad for some last resort fun,
to entertain us while there was no sun.

Sure enough out of the basement he emerged.
A machine and ping pong balls is what we heard.

 Not only did he bring all the fun,

 but he brought with him Thing 2 and Thing 1.

 There was one among us who did not think things were quite right.
Every time the vacumn turned on he screamed in great fright.

 But that did not stop them from having fun.

 All toys in this house turn into a gun.

 Although Sally and I were sick,
We still had fun watching all their tricks.

And as for our Mom,
Checking out the house after it had been hit by the bomb.
She was hoping the Cat in the Hat had brought the machine,
That would make the whole house become clean.
Although there was no machine to be had
The ping pong balls still all over the house have not made her mad.

And now we ask you,
What do you do when you have the flu?

Friday, January 25, 2013

What Do You Do In the Wintertime?

 It's been really cold here.
But someone in our family has worn their swim suit this week.
 They've also been asking me to pick up some aloe vera at the store,
and where the sunscreen is so it could be packed to...
It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Drive-In

 Sadly, my kids will probably never know what a drive-in movie is.
I loved drive-in movies as a kid.
I remember sitting in the back of our white truck full of blankets and watching a movie.
That was in Florida.
It was so hot...even at 8pm.

 But, now my kids know how awesome a drive-in could be.
A friend invited us over for a drive-in movie night.
All the kids made cardboard cars to sit in while watching the movie.
They were given some money to use to buy their movie ticket and food with.
The concession stand had:
The evenings feature:  Ice Age 4 (seriously...4!)
My kids LOVED it.
I mean, what kid wouldn't right?

 And, the best part was all the adults got to sit around and talk...uninterrupted!
It was a win, win, WIN evening.

The kidlets have even tried sleeping in their cars.
Two nights in a row and counting.
Anna's car "bed" is the most ridiculous.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

No Place Like Home

Caleb and I went to Chicago last weekend.
It didn't look this green while we were there.
I'm just recycling a picture.
But I went to say good-bye to Hermanita Pickett

It was the most perfect weekend.
On Saturday, I went for a long run along Lake Michigan.
Then we ate lunch in the Hancock building.
We spent the afternoon shopping,
and finished the day up at the symphony.
Sunday was so wonderful.
We just spent time together as a family.

When I got home Monday morning, I had such a warm welcome.
Three kids cried in the car on the way home from the airport.
I wiped about 87,632,876,2345,987 green boogers.
The toilet over flowed.
I fed 6 hungry mouths...but it felt like 12.
Cleaned up lots of little "accidents".  This is Anna's 3rd attempt at potty training.
I intervened in about 8,734 little tiffs.
And that was all within 10 hours of getting home.

But seriously, there is no place like home.

12 Days of Christmas Vaca

 So Jackie (my mad scientist friend) dropped off a little package for us back in December (well, it wasn't exactly little and it wasn't just one).  She gave 12 experiments to do over Christmas vacation.  Each day came with a little card that said,

"On the (insert number) day of Christmas Vaca science chick gave to me..."

 We made snow, catapults, electro-magnets, crystals, fountains, orbs, sea monkeys...I can't even remember everything off the top of my head.  It was such a cute gift. 

 The marshmallow catapult may be the favorite of the bunch.

Thank you crazy science chick.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hermana Pickett

Dear Blog World,

This is my sister.  Most know her as Lexie, but as of tonight she will be known as Hermana Pickett.  She is off on a new adventure, a journey she will be making on her own, and I will miss her.  I can't imagine not having her just a phone call away, but I am so excited for her.  I can't wait for the Chicago reunion in a year and a half.  It will be oh so sweet.

Adios hermanita!  I love you.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just Makes Me Smile

When I document events, I take pictures.
When Christian documents, he takes videos.

Can you guess who documented our Christmas trip?

Although there aren't many pictures, there are some great stories.

The polar bear plunge into Utah Lake
Teaching the kids how to dive in the pool
Shooting guns
Provo Beach
Lots of swimming
Lots of family
Lots of fun
Many memories

2012 Ski Team

Well, I tried uploading the ski videos.
But it isn't working.
So you'll just have to imagine.

But this was the crew.
They all skied.

Anna's favorite part...eating the snow.
James' favorite part...the ski lift.
Daniel's favorite part...poles.

My favorite part...dropping them all off with grandma and skiing with Christian.
Actually, I loved skiing with them.
 But, I have never been so sweaty in 20 degree weather.
Just getting everyone on the lift was a workout.
I think it is easier to run 10 miles.

The Color of Life

 Some people draw,

 others paint,

 some play music,

 some mold clay,

but this man does balloons.
He can do over 350 balloon creations.
He was amazing.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hahn Christmas Vacation

We've been in the...




Wild as it was, we all lived to tell the tale.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

We tucked the kids in bed,
got a babysitter,
then slipped away to dance in 2013.