Monday, January 21, 2013

The Drive-In

 Sadly, my kids will probably never know what a drive-in movie is.
I loved drive-in movies as a kid.
I remember sitting in the back of our white truck full of blankets and watching a movie.
That was in Florida.
It was so hot...even at 8pm.

 But, now my kids know how awesome a drive-in could be.
A friend invited us over for a drive-in movie night.
All the kids made cardboard cars to sit in while watching the movie.
They were given some money to use to buy their movie ticket and food with.
The concession stand had:
The evenings feature:  Ice Age 4 (seriously...4!)
My kids LOVED it.
I mean, what kid wouldn't right?

 And, the best part was all the adults got to sit around and talk...uninterrupted!
It was a win, win, WIN evening.

The kidlets have even tried sleeping in their cars.
Two nights in a row and counting.
Anna's car "bed" is the most ridiculous.

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Ahren said...

That is such a great idea! I love the picture of them trying to sleep in their cars.