Saturday, January 4, 2014

What Could be Better...

...than a 

hot cocoa drinking
snow fort building
jammie wearing
book reading

kind of day?

We love a good snow storm.

It's Not Easy Being 1

Poor Cabub.
He just wants to keep up.
He found all the winter gear and brought it over to me.
After I geared him up, we walked over to the door all ready to walk out.

A Merry Christmas

 We had such a lovely Christmas.

 Each year, we get a new ornament for our tree.
The ornament has to have significance from the year.
For 2013, I made a Hahn Family missionary tag.
Last year, we painted missionary tags on our hearts.
For Christmas, our family got a small 2014 calendar.
Our goal is to fill each day up with some missionary effort.
So far, so good.

 Of coarse the food was delish.
And our friends who shared it with us even more delish.

This is the "best" picture we got of all the kids Christmas morning.