Friday, December 12, 2008

This Week

Our neighbor, who introduces herself as "Squeaky" (her nickname is very fitting), gave us some of her old Christmas decorations. Daniel and I decorated his bed with some blinking/singing Christmas lights. We refer to his bed right now as his sleigh. James loves them.

A couple other moms and I do a little joyschool twice a week for our boys. It is basically a glorified play group. On Thursday, we went to visit and sing Christmas songs to a bunch of Grandmas. I was so nervous to walk into the rest home with five 3 year old boys and 3 younger kids. One of the Christmas trees was decorated in porcelain tea cups...yikes. But we made it in and out without breaking anything.

Just in the time it has taken to write this post, I have
  1. Been asked "Where do babies come from?"
  2. Cut a piece of gum out of Daniel's hair
  3. Changed a diaper that has scented my house with the most unChristmas-like scent
James is not even awake. Is there no rest for the weary? I'm off to light a scented candle.

Fun Series of Photos

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me

Christmas came early this year. Our heater was installed yesterday and was up and running today. Timing wise, this heater should have been a "Christmas in July" present. We started the whole switching heater process this summer. However (I'm going to be a little sarcastic), in Massachusetts you can't even paint the walls in your house without getting a government permit and having it inspected. So needless to say, the whole process took four months, but we are glad it is over. Just look at this beauty.

After two days with no heat and hot water (one day without water at all), I was READY to have both. I was so happy when everything started working I could have kissed the plumber who started the system...but I didn't. Instead I kissed Christian when he came home from work. He is the one responsible for our new heater, house, clothes, food...I kissed him a lot!

Circumstance created the "perfect storm" for wanting a luxuriously long hot shower. I hadn't showered or been warm in two days. James was napping and I put in a movie for Daniel to watch (which is a special treat because he only gets to watch movies when I clean the house or we have a family movie night). Needless to say, my shower was so hot and so long I had to swim through the steam to find my towel. My skin was as pink as a cooked lobster and my toes were swollen. I think I used 39.8 gallons...and we have a 40 gallon tank. Ahhhh.....

Then, I drew a nice warm bath for the boys and let them play in the water until their fingers and toes were wrinkled. The bath was so long I had to turn the hot water back on for a while. I pulled them out, moisturized their skin, and put them in clean jammies. Now they are both snug little bugs tucked in warm, cozy beds.

I hope your Christmas is as warm and cozy as ours.

PS- I think this picture is so funny...That James, what a character.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Am Thankful For My Family

For Thanksgiving we had a 36 hour visit from this guy.

Poor little Daniel was REALLY sick on Thanksgiving. He didn't even eat pie. He did help himself to the whole bowl of whip cream the next morning.

Friday we saw some of the sites in Boston. Including this one...

While in the Public Garden, my brother enticed some squirrels and ducks over to his hand with a Mike's Pastry cannoli (who wouldn't be enticed?!?!?) and caught them bare handed. Iowa boys know a lot more than just corn. Alright, this Iowa boy is an engineer, so he knows a lot more than corn.

That evening, after tucking the boys in bed, we made an escape to Boston Common's Frog Pond to ice skate outside among the city lights. A great ending to a perfect day!