Monday, April 15, 2013

117th Boston Marathon

I am heartbroken and sick to my stomach over what happened today at the Boston Marathon finish line.  But I wanted the world to know that a lot of good and happiness happened out there today too.

I am moved by the spirit and dedication of the marathoners.  I love the courage of the marathoner.  Today among all the brave runners, I saw blind runners, amputees, wheelchairs, wheelchair pushers, people running in memory of others, people running after having raised money for charities, people who have dedicated a lot of time to training and have qualified!  It is inspiring.

The other inspiring thing is the crowd.  You will not see a Boston Marathoner walking.  The crowd will cheer them on and give them a pat on the back to keep going.  The crowd lines both sides of the street for 26 miles...and not just lines, but is like 4-6 people deep, and even more in some parts.  That is awesome!

 There was a lot of love at mile 19.  Anna was loving on Caleb.  They enjoyed a little sibling wrestle on the blanket.  Daniel and James loved holding cups of water up for the runners.  They were so thrilled when a runner picked their cup.  I loved being their with my kids and friends on a beautiful day.  I was inspired...and I kind of got the marathon itch.

There was a lot of love and goodness out there starting on the streets in Hopkinton and ending on Boylston in Boston.


Amanda said...

I'm so glad you're all ok. I've thought about you guys all afternoon. I'm glad you could find so many good things today too.

Tasha L. said...

It's true that most people in the world are good. Thanks for the reminder of that.