Thursday, January 12, 2017

Summer 2016 in 19 Photos

 4th of July is summer's kickoff.
So we'll start our summer in 19 photos with the 4th of July.
The 4th of July would be incomplete without
sticky, sweaty kids dressed in red, white, and blue,
watermlon, games, water balloons,
patriotic berries with whip cream,
hamburgers, friends,
and tired kids at the fireworks show.
Look at all these cute Yankee Doodles.

 Daniel goes to his first day at scout camp
while James hammers fire scorched iron on an anvil.

 As soon as I think I have figured out all my neighborhood has to offer,
someone tells me about another gem.
Added bonus...the Saugus Iron Works happens to be around the corner from Kanes Donuts.

 Since I refuse to get a domesticated pet,
our kids find their own and bring them home
(well, we do have 12 chickens and 50,000 honey bees).

 Our garden was quite productive, despite...

 ...the drought we experienced this summer.
But when the heavens finally opened up and dumped on us,
we all enjoyed the rain

 along with summer's strawberry, blueberry, and apple bounty.

 We tried our luck at harvesting from the ocean, but only took home two cod fillets totaling 1 pound.
So we all got one delicious bite.
However a 5 foot blue shark chased down our other catch.
Kate was unamused as she was so sea sick she threw up 4 times.

 We camped, climbed, gazed at the un-light polluted star sky, and swam in the clean NH rivers.

 Our busy bees gave us 50lbs of honey.
Bless them.

 Mostly, we spent the summer at the pool.
Kate loves the water.
This was a big summer for Caleb.
He learned to ride a two wheeler and swim on his own.

 Here is Kate and her bud Topher celebrating Christian's 40th birthday with a surprise dance party.
Next summer they will tear it up on the dance floor.
This year, they were still a little wobbly.

 There are moments I sit back and examine my life.
Right now I feel complete gratitude.

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Wilmette Stake said...

Thanks for sharing your fun loving summer with me!