Thursday, June 16, 2016

Canobie Lake

We took the kids to Canobie Lake.
School isn't out yet, so I thought we would miss the crowds.
And then they came...the big yellow buses.
And they kept coming.
And coming!
And Coming!

And who got off of them?
No, not families...
...Middle Schoolers!!!!!

But we still had a lovely time.
So lovely in fact that this is the only picture I got.

Poor little Kate's nose...
...learning to walk is not for the faint of heart.

Lemonade $.50

 These guys have their marketing and advertising down.
They made $23 in a little over an hour.
And I'm pretty sure, they drank all the lemonade and just collected donations.

Sales must have been down for a bit.
There was some tick-tack-toe shirking.

It's Not Fair

When you are the 4th and 5th kid,
you get to do a lot of hanging out,
and playing in the dirt
while your siblings do cool things.


Run of the Valkyries

 I may be hanging up my Ragnar shoes after this year.
Never say never, but you can't top this year's experience,
so you may as well go out with a bang.
I mean, look at this...

 ....we had wings,

beautiful vistas,

 bestest of friends...

 but, I am a little sick of porta potties,
and preparing my talk on the gym floor say the least,

 and feeling like this....
not so fun.

 But, oh the memories!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Special Doesn't Even Begin to Describe


I love you little James.


 I am one proud mama!

 My Spartan team raced hard.

 The grin on her face says it all.

 They were too fast for me to get pictures.  I wish I had pictures of
the javelin throw
sandbag carry
A-frame up and over
the mud trail run
all the smiles.

 Here are some of the proud smiles.
 Then it was time to send the dads and big boys off.

 Christian, coming up over his last obstacle after a
5.6 mile
23 obstacle

I was so proud!




It only costs $8724350872345897,
But that smile is worth every penny!

All I Want for Christmas Is... two front teeth.

Just Hangin' Around

 Taking matters into their own hands.
If mom won't take us to the park, we'll make one.

 And while we're making a see saw,
we'll make a jet pack too.

 We've made a couple shiners in the process.

But mostly, we like just hangin' around.
I love my kids ingenuity and imagination.