Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sticky Tape Portraits


This year, it was warm enough for the kids to eat outside.
I am so grateful for that.
It would have been hard to fit 31 people in our house for the feast.

When Grandma Comes...

She brings a 10lbs chocolate bar.


I don't know how this little body can hold such a giant spirit.

Anna is supposed to collect the eggs every morning.  After two days of returning with an egg-less basket I started to doubt her thoroughness.  Anna and I went back to the chicken coop and sure enough, there were no eggs to be found in the nesting boxes. 

I began searching the run for eggs knowing that sometimes the chickens start laying in the cavities of the rocks.  While searching, I rhetorically asked the chickens where they were laying their eggs.  And then Anna said

"Oh Mom, I'll ask them.  I speak chicken."

And she proceeded to make all sorts of clucking noises.

After a brief moment, she told me

"Mom, they said they were laying in the coop."

All be darned!

When Grandpa Comes....

 ....we go flying!

Afterwards, it felt like my boogers were stuck in my brain


 Everyone thought the squid dissection was DISGUSTING!

 The 100 year old turtle was ok.

 Touching the sting rays was pretty cool.

But the train ride down and back takes the cake!