Friday, January 9, 2015

Conference Center Visit

 While we were in Utah,
we met up with the McCormicks at
Music and the Spoken Word.

Maybe this will be a new tradition?
Like visiting Mecca?

The Morgan's are Hitched

 My little sister,
tied the knot,
sealed the deal,
took the plunge...
You get the idea.

 Look how cute my kids were.

 Ok, I know it was all about them,

 But I just can't resist plastering their pictures up.

 And then, there was a par-TAY!
I didn't even take my camera (sad),
or I'm sure there would be more pictures
of my kids...
The Morgans.

Watch out world.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

All the Reasons to Ski

 This was the 2014 ski crew.
Some of us fared better than others (right Dad?).

 This was Anna's first year skiing on her own.
She LOVES skiing.
She still keeps asking me when we are going to ski again.
She is a speed demon.
She only had one major fall (where she cracked her goggles in 3 spots),
but got right back up and on the horse.

Daniel can out-ski me now.
He smoked me down the mountain.
My excuse this year is I am 6 months pregnant.
But what am I going to say next year? 
And the year after that?
And the year after that?

He only had one major accident.
He ran into me.
From behind.
And wrapped his arms around my waist.
With his skis on top of the back of mine,
We skied about 50 ft before we both tumbled.

James is our most cautious skier.
He actually doesn't love skiing,
but he LOVES to ride the lift.
So he skis to ride the lift.
But he is probably our most graceful skier.

And Christian, he is an amazing skier.
At the top of the mountain on our last run,
he slapped me on the behind, and said
"See you at the bottom!"

But my last time down the mountain was perfect. 
I was the only one on it for a while.
That has never happened to me before.
I felt so insignificant.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Visit to the West

 We just got back from a fun family visit in Utah.
James was our pilot.

There is much fun to be had (and little sleep),
when you are with the cousins.
There is some bond between family.
The kids hardly ever see each other, but they are instant best buds.

 I love this crew too.
Not everyone has a grandma and grandpa who will play Fruit Basket Tipped Over in the hot tubs with them.

 This is my prince and the pea.

We love the wild, wild west.