Monday, October 21, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Daniel

 Dear Daniel,

Every night, before I go to bed, I slip down to your room to say goodnight.  Usually, I have to slip the "Calvin and Hobbes" book out from under you because you fell asleep reading it...with a smile on your face, that still lingers.  In fact, I think there is always a slight smile on your face.

I love how you love life.  I love to see you dip your feet in the cool ocean water just before you burst in to a sprint and plunge in, or watch you enjoy the cool breeze in your face while you ride your bike, or listen to you belly laugh, or watch the light in your eyes when you understand something you have been trying to master, or hold your hand when you let me, and kiss your cheek goodnight while you dream of the next days adventures.

 You have a deep, pure, and inquisitive soul.  The world is yours to conquer.  In eight years you have learned to love, and to care.  You have learned to laugh, and sometimes cry (like when you were so overwhelmed that your lego kit arrived).  You see the joy and beauty in life.  You have learned to share freely and to be patient.  Maybe you haven't learned any of these things...maybe that is just who you are.
I wonder at you!  How did such a noble soul get sent to me?  I want nothing more than to always be your mom.

  Happy birthday little Daniel!  You are my hero.  I hope all your wishes come true.  I am confident they will.  The wishes of your heart and pure and good.  I hope you embrace accountability and use it for good.



Friday, October 4, 2013

An Apple A Day

 Last week I had jury duty.

 So Christian took the day off.

 But I didn't get paneled,

so we got a bonus family day.