Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh What Do You Do in the Summer Time?

 Tis the season of swimming, bike rides, watermelon, and fireflies.
We have been waiting for you.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Love Them

 We had visitors!  I love visitors.
My cousin Amber, and her cute family, came from Wisconsin.
How can I describe it...?

...delightful?, splendid?


 ...all of the above!
Thank you for the visit.
We love you!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Apple Circus

The thing they talk about most:  The Porcupine

Ragnar Cape Cod 2012

Friday night I headed down to the Cape with a few of my favorite people to meet up with more of my favorite people.  We were the volunteers supporting their Ragnar team (Road Hazards).  It was so fun to see Michelle run in after a 7 mile run looking as if she had only run one block.  They all did an amazing job, and seeing them and hearing the tales has really given me the Ragnar ITCH.  I can't think of a better way to spend a girls night out...conquering a physical mountain with amazing ladies at your side. 
Don't they look so cute...and that is after running 2 of 3 legs!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Small Victory, but Victory Nonetheless

I really do try to keep my political comments to a minimum on our family blog.  With that said, I just can't contain myself anymore.  I've held out for a week...which for me is a long time. 

Last Saturday Massachusetts held its' Congressional District Caucuses.  If you don't know what that is, don't worry.  I didn't either.  I thought my vote on "Super Tuesday" was all I could do to help Ron Paul become the Republican nominee.  But there is another layer to the nominating process that few are aware of, it has to do with all this "delegate" talk.  And I'm here to tell you the whole process is about as clear as our tax code.

Anyways, back to the Ron Paul victory part. 

Massachusetts will send 19 delegates to Tampa in August.  These delegates will vote for the person they want to be the Republican nominee (although the media would have you think Romney is already the nominee).  To become the Republican nominee, you have to get at least 51% of the votes or 1144 delegate votes at the RNC.  Last Saturday, the people in Massachusetts who attended the caucuses (which were open to all Republican registered voters) elected those delegates who will then go on to vote at the RNC.  Of the 19 delegates from Massachusetts going to Tampa this summer 16 are Ron Paul supporters!.  Let me say that again...

16 are Ron Paul Supporters!

What?!?!?!?  This is Romney's home state!  The district we live in...District Romney's own district.  We live in his hood.  But can I tell you that out of the 3 delegates District 5 sends to Tampa, all 3 are Ron Paul supporters!  And of the 3 alternates in our district...all 3 are Ron Paul supporters!

 Not only did this happen in Massachusetts last weekend, but the same thing happened in Louisiana, Iowa, Alaska, Colorado, and Washington. Ron Paul supporters won the majority of the delegate spots in their respective states.

The amazing thing about this whole thing to me is this is truly a grass roots movement.  No one from the Ron Paul campaign is telling us to go to these caucuses.  Ron Paul supporters are doing this on their own.  They are learning Roberts Rules of Order and participating at local levels where they can make a huge difference.  All Ron Paul does is speak truth and it inspires every day citizens to act.  He has no money machine behind him, only his consistent declaration of truth when it comes to the proper role of government...and now we are getting into a whole other subject.  So I will just close here with...

Here's to a brokered convention!